Monday, July 27, 2009

Everything you didn't need to know about the author

~There is a person behind this picture.
~I love the feeling of wet sand between my toes.
~I work with special needs children. And I love it.
~I love meeting wicked cool people.
~I am told that I have 18 Charisma. If you know what that means, then you are a g33k too.
~I love to laugh. (Ahahaha!)
~Metalocalypse is the most awesome cartoon on the air right now.
~I have an addiction to all things chocolate, Disney, and foreign (hello kitty)
~I hate shopping.
~I am 5'4". I'm bite sized when it comes to height. So if you see me in public don't go "Wow. I thought you'd be taller." I will deck you. You have been forewarned.
~I ADORE papercrafts. I spend DAYS putting things together...I'm weird.
~I cant spell. At all. It makes me sad.
~ I got into more fights with boys...and not really one fight with a girl. I usually won too. HEHEHEHE
~You are cooler than me, guaranteed.
~I love Tara McPherson. Google her.
~People often take advantage of my generosity and compassion. But this doesn't stop me from being either.
~I totally dig it when people let me draw them.
~I know what is best for me even if I don't always follow through.
~ I laugh when someone gets hurt physically...and not SERIOUS hurt..but just funny hurt.....
~The 40 Year Old Virgin, Anchorman, The Wedding Crashers, Talladega Nights, The Prince’s Bride, Sandlot, and The Holy Grail will never get old.
~I have recently become obsessed with "Newsies" (it’s awesome, go rent it now!).
~I'm adamant with changing my hair style monthly. It's an illness.
~I INADVERTENTLY listen to other peoples' conversations in public places.
~The idea of cosmetic surgery scares me. Watching eye lifts and chin sculpting makes my butt hurt. *shudder*
~I don't like reality television. At all. But I did watch an episode of "The Girls Next Door" once. They made me feel smart...
~Spamalot is my all time favorite play. You must see it!
~I love horror movies. seriously...I'm the sicko sitting in the back laughing at someone getting ripped apart.
~ I've had a sexual dreams about Angelina Jolie where I’ve woken up screaming her name. I had a lesbian moment, and I liked it hahaha.<33DREAMS OF ANGIE
~I love writing "thank you" cards, as well as receiving them. I save them to marvel over how wonderful people are.
~I don’t drink.
~People don't believe but I've been learning martial arts for YEARS…and my hands are weapons.
~I want a photo booth in my house, but only the kind that gives out strips of four pictures. They are uber cool.
~I think it's silly when people get tattoos that have no meaning behind them.
~New Favorite Movie: OLDBOY. If you didn't like it, don’t talk to me. For if I find this out, I will begin a very heated argument defending the cinematic masterpiece. Trust me, I will win.
~I have never done drugs, and never will.
~I don’t sing in the shower. But I have been known to bust a move whilst traveling in my vehicle. I dance too. It's quite hilarious.
~My feel-good song is “Dancing Queen” by Abba.
~I’m easily distracted. The fact that I have written this much bottles my mind (that's right bottles...go see Blades of Glory, then you'll understand).
~Lara Jade is amazing.
~Guilty pleasure: Dancing in my underwear around the house to the Backsteert boys. Judge me all you want.
~The Mad Hatter is my favorite classic Disney character. (durrrrr)~I own at video games and I love playing them especially when it comes to Guitar Hero. I love that damn game. I can take you all at 80s and Aerosmith.
~My highest score for bowling is about 97. im really quite pathetic.
~I talk during movies, but only about the movie. And not during the whole movie. Just here and there to comment briefly about the events on screen. And mainly about the symbolism that I recognize. It's still annoying, but at least it's relevant.
~I like snorgtees.
~I get along with everyone.
~I am very sarcastic.
~I refuse to see "The Notebook" ever again. Sappy lameness does not interest me, so stop recommending it.
~Pirates are tres cool.
~I love my brother even if he is a snotfaced manwhore. (love you bro!)
~I would have never attempted photography if it weren't for my grandfather for having so much faith in me.
~I have an obsession with Tigger.
~I have two tattoos and they are beautiful. They all have very deep meanings to me and I love them more than anything else on my body.
~I have extremely long fingers for anyone human. Hence why I call them my alien fingers. And they are FREAKY. Just trust me on this one.
~I hate AIM...esquivelly3 ...That's right, I'm a hypocrite. But you will never see me on.
~My favorite colors are black, blue and red.
~Dogs are my favorite animal, penguins are a close second and I'm really starting to like giraffes. ~I derive a sick pleasure from hockey fights.
~I don’t like the Lifetime, Oxygen or WE channels.
~I love doing laundry.
~I am computer illiterate. But I'm trying to learn.
~I love my new hair. There was an uproar when I chopped it, but I'm not going back. It has boosted my confidence more than I thought was possible.
~I own all 7 seasons of Buffy. As well as seasons 1and 2 of arrested development. and I can quote them all. It gets really old to the people around me, but you're in my house, I do what I want.
~I am terrible at accepting compliments.
~I love the History, Bravo, Comedy, Food and Discovery channels.
~I make the best chicken, seriously, I do.
~Drawing and painting relaxes me. ~I wish I had more time to learn yoga.
~I am a cautious (and by cautious, I mean bad) driver. I actually just got into my first wreck last year. But the blame is split between the two of us. So through cancellation, it didn't really happen.
~I hate gold and diamonds (but go all gooey over flowers).
~I don’t like spending money.
~I want a super power; I’m just not sure which one...
~I break cars. Not by wrecking or driving them hard. Just by being near them. I have driven 4 different cars within 1 year. Don't let me drive yours, you will regret it.
~I have naturally curly hair.
~I wish I knew Mandarin, Hebrew, and Porchages.
~Nick can always make me laugh.
~Chapstick=my heroin
~Glory to the Horde!! (No I do not play, this is glory by proxy).
~I know most of the N*SYNC dances but I will not do them for you.
~I know every word to every Miley Cyrus song thanks to my five year old niece. I am not proud of it.
~I talk to strangers when I’m waiting in line.
~Dancing is the greatest….though I should never be aloud to do it around or near innocent civilians.
~I am slightly in love with Robert Downey Jr. His comedic timing and delivery of lines just slays me.
~I miss "Are You Afraid of the Dark?," "The Roundhouse," "Salute Your Shorts," "Boy Meets World," and "Hey, Dude." I watch them online when I am feeling nostalgic.
~Drunk people make me laugh, until I have to baby-sit them, then they aren't so funny. (I love you Jena, you know why.)
~I have been reading and collecting comics sense I was 13. yes im a dork. I know this.
~I love each and every one of you who have read this far.
~I want to know everything there is to know about cars. I know a lot now. But not everything. ~I hate it when people litter. The trash can is 3 fricken feet away from you!
~My room has been described by some as war zone. Where as I like to think of it more like organized chaos. But the rest of my home is always clean. Im a neat freak when I need to be.
~I used to be a girlscout, you will never find proof though. (You hush your mouth Amanda!)
~I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
~I’m very honest, but I avoid being serious at all costs.
~I don’t like to cry. Ever.
~I will never, ever wear a thong. You cant make me. No.
~I love the way peoples’ voices change when they talk to babies and puppies.
~I have horrible vision and hearing. I am told I need to wear my glasses more often, but I never listen.
~I want children. At least 4. deal with it. (I have a thing for chaos)
~I’m a wicked bad procrastinator, I apologize for this. But that will never change.
~You lost the game. Yeah. I went there. And now you hate me.
~Dark Chocolate is my Kryptonite.
~I hate MTV.
~I don’t like showing weakness.
~I am ME. And you will NEVER take that away from me.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Day of Defeat Suckage

I played Day of Defeat for the first time today. It was more entertaining than I thought it would be. Was playing on the Axis side. Yes, yes evil Nazis and all that. Apparently my team all thought the best strategy was to distract the enemy by having thier skulls explode. It was so crazy it might just work! No, no it won't work. Another strategy was to let the enemy walk wherever they wanted to. Our spawn, flags we just captured. Doesn't matter. Give them the illusion of freedom, then strike with unstoppable fury! Unfortunately my teams fury is about as scary as canned tuna. You guys get an A for excelling at failure though. Atleast that's something you can take to your mother.
Now back to my swedish meatballs that are now cold becasue I was writting this instead of eating them.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lara Croft Amazingness

So, secret “revamped” Lara Croft concept art for the Tomb Raider “reboot” have been leaked onto the net by an anonymous mole (some guy at Eidos) using some sort of top-secret device (a camera).

According to these images, Lara will be testing out her equestrian and Legolas skills in a survival horror, open-world adventure in the Dead Marshes near the principal entrance of Mordor while battling Necromorphs and the illegitimate lovechild of Alma (F.E.A.R.) and a really ugly pig.

WOW! I LOVE Lara’s new look, if that picture is actually real. (It is.) However much the Tomb Raider fanboys will cry and wail in their basements about the lack of Lara’s ample cleavage and beckoning-to-be-groped demeanor until their moms come downstairs to see if they want a fresh-baked cookie and a hug, this rugged, more-realistic appearance of Lara is EXACTLY WHAT SHE NEEDS.

QUICK NERD OUT: Eowyn from Lord of the Rings is my favorite movie heroine ever. Do you know why?

You: WHY?

Because when she’s fighting, she gets UGLY. Her hair gets MESSY. Her makeup is NON-EXISTENT. I’m sorry, ladies, I don’t care how pretty you are - if you found yourself battling the Witch-king of Angmar, you would look like hell covered in shit mixed with Mickey Rourke.Sheva from Resident Evil 5 has been my new favorite video game heroine, since she is not only an extremely proficient zombie-slaughterer, and someone I will have on my Zombpocalypse Team along with Bear Grylls, she is sexy without flaunting it.…Unless you obtain the outfit where she very much flaunts it.


ANYWAY, a new, rugged, more realistic, hardcore Lara Croft will be sexier. Just you wait.

Oh, and here's the plot description:

You're welcome.