Friday, May 15, 2009

Black like the dirt under my nails

I change my hair more than anyone i I cut over 2 feet of hair before and now recently a foot or so. Now i have...insanely short but awesome hair. But i was bored this morning and decided to dyed it black I hope it fits me, I havent had black hair since i was a little girl, and at that time it was natural. EUH...why do we have to change our looks so much girls? we need to just be content with our appearance and love who we are..... :
Its such a pain.


photos later..i promise.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Via Domus

There once was a television show that caused me heart palpitations from wanting to know what was next...that show is called LOST, and was the season finale last night. LOST does have to do with photography though....Im not senselessly talking.Besides that....Ive been reading a lot about movie photography and shows and such, aka Still Photography. Apparently it is VERY different from all other photography. I dont really see how, but okay sure. "A movie still photographer is a person who photographs the movie's action (often alongside the camera) to be used in publicizing it, producing film stills. They provide the illustrations for posters, Web sites, pictures in newspapers and magazines, and other media.
Some shots are posed and taken separately from the shooting of the movie proper, while others are taken during the shooting. For these later, a stills photographer uses a "Sound Blimp" to silence the noise of the SLR's shutter so that they can shoot while the moving cameras are rolling."

Taken fromWikipedia

I really want to learn this art, because it is such a huge deal in marketing. Portraits have its own process and execution and so does this. I find it interesting in the way you can capture these exaggerated times, it doesnt happen everyday when a Wolverine man comes at you with adamantium claws.

I wont lie...I might actually enjoy that situation.

What? Im blogging now? oh great...

Lets show the world together...agree?

Good. :)

Quote of the day:

Why is a raven like a writing desk?